Japan is getting 4.7 in 4 days, and their management has been really aggressive with the events. Some which they claim, to aid and help players get ready for 4.7 itself.

There are a total of four events, all which are really worth their salt and not cash shop based (but then again, Japan is P2P). Description of events will be according to order of the banners.

1. Clear Danaur Sanctuary, Danaur Reliquary, Infinity Shard and Illuminary Obelisk 6 times each to get the following rewards:

- 10 x DS treasure bundles

- 1 x Mythic Hyperion weapon or armour box

- 1 x Mythic DR weapon or armour box

- 1 x Mythic IO weapon or armour box

2. 300 legion coin giveaway, to foster and promote the importance of being in a legion for 4.7. 

Criteria as follows:

- Character of level 52 and higher joining a legion

- Legions that recruit at least 3 or more members (level 52 and higher), and these members have to have a login record of 5 or more days.

Only with both conditions fulfilled, then will the newly joined members and all present members of the legion will be awarded the legion coins.

3. This event is pretty fun, it’s to emulate and get players used to the Beritra Invasion content. Governor Sunayaka will be spawned in Morhiem, Brusthonin, Eltnen and Theobomos (at spots where the future Beritra bosses will spawn).

Sunayaka(s) spawned in Brusthonin and Theobomos are recommended for players between level 50 ~ 60. While the ones spawning in Morhiem and Eltnen are recommended for players level 60 and higher.

Type of loot is primarily dictated by Governor Sunayaka’s level. They will spawn at a specific spot in the maps and have a timer (in which if you failed to kill them in 45 minutes, they will despawn).

4. Last but not the least, a free-&-easy event. Simply login and collect the reward questionnaire daily, there are 12 days worth of rewards.

I’m a bit lazy to translate the whole list but they range from eternal grade Idians, level 130 enchantment stones, Tempering Solutions, Mythic supplements, Blessed Augments Bundles; just to name a few.

Here’s to hoping NA gets some decent events before and after the 4.7 patch :|

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